House Kumquat approx. 1kg

JP¥ 7,950 (US$ 75.36) ~ JP¥ 9,931 (US$ 94.13)

Please kindly understand that, as the fees for each destination country differ, the selling price also differs.

Air transportation maintains freshness. Shipping fee from Japan included. Delivered without any additional fees.


By ripening the kumquats on the tree, the kumquats that can be eaten in their entirety are "big" and "sweet" so much that they do not seem to be kumquats. If you have eaten for the first time, you will probably want to say "sweet". I think that this will change the concept of kumquats. House Kumquat has a large grain, a soft epidermis, a very strong sweet taste when eaten, and a sweet pulp that is very easy to eat.
Sale period: Limited from early January to late March
Order deadline [Japan time]: Every Thursday
Estimated delivery date [Japan time]: Friday next week (Malaysia) or Saturday next week (Hong Kong / Singapore)
Last order deadline [JST]: Thursday, March 26, 2020
* The delivery date of the product may fluctuate due to the quarantine of the destination country authorities and the weather.
* Please note that we do not accept delivery date designation for products
[For airport delivery]
Airport delivery period [Japan time]: February 28 (Fri)-April 3 (Fri)
Order deadline [Japan time]: 7 days before the desired delivery date
Expected delivery date [Japan time]: 7 days after order deadline * Up to 14 days after
Last order deadline [JST]: Thursday, March 26, 2020
* If you choose to pick up at the airport, order at least 7 days in advance.
[Introduction of Producers] Tsuno Creative Tank Foundation
Miyazaki Prefecture is blessed with nature, surrounded by the Hyuga Nada on the east and the Osuzu Mountains on the west. In addition, the city is suitable for agriculture, as its name suggests, because it is a bright and open land and has warm and long sunshine hours.
Mr. Hirokazu Kanamaru of Kanemaru Farm cultivates agriculture that he has inherited from his grandfather to his father and from his father to himself. Grown in a greenhouse cultivated with warmth, the blessings of the sun, and the love of Kanamaru, Miyazaki Ripe Kumquat is very sweet. So it seems that people who eat it will be surprised. It is a sweetness that can be thoroughly managed, such as only two fruits per branch.

Ingredients: Kumquat
Nutrition information (per 100g)
 ・ Energy (kcal): 71
 ・ Dietary fiber (g): 4.6
 ・ Vitamin C (mg): 49
 ・ Potassium (mg): 180
 ・ Calcium (mg): 80
● 7 major allergens (wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk, peanut, shrimp, crab): None
● Contents: about 1000g
● Country of origin: Miyazaki, Japan
● Manufacturer: Tsuno Creative Tank Foundation
● How to consume: Rinse the surface, wipe off moisture, remove scabs, and enjoy as is. It is better not to eat if there is a seed.
● Note:
・ Kumquats are fresh, so please keep them in a cool dark place after delivery and consume as soon as possible.
・ Delivery area is limited sale for delivery to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan airports. Please be careful.
・ The delivery date of the product may fluctuate due to quarantine by the destination country, authorities and weather conditions.
・ Please note that we do not accept delivery date designation for products.
・ The product weight is only a guide. Please note that the weight may vary.
・ Selling price is different due to different shipping fee and import / export procedure cost for each delivery country. Please note.
・ Box and package design may be different. Please note.
● Preservation method: Store in a cool and dark place with good ventilation
● Best before date (from date of manufacture): About 1 week
Item No. JSA000641
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