Large Shine Muscat about 1.5kg (2 bunches)

JP¥ 9,760 (US$ 92.51) ~ JP¥ 12,846 (US$ 121.76)

Please kindly understand that, as the fees for each destination country differ, the selling price also differs.

Air transportation maintains freshness. Shipping fee from Japan included. Delivered without any additional fees.


The grapes are thin and soft with a crunchy texture and juicy flesh. Please enjoy the flavorful large shine muscat with elegant sweetness and noble aroma. Delivered in winter season using special storage methods.
[For delivery]
Order Deadline [Japan Time]: Every Thursday
Estimated delivery date [Japan time]: Friday (Malaysia) or Saturday (Hong Kong / Singapore) the next week after order deadline
Final order deadline [Japan time]: Thursday, January 30, 2020
* Product delivery dates may vary depending on the quarantine of each recipient country and the weather.
* Please note that we do not accept delivery date and time specifications.
[For airport delivery]
Airport delivery period [Japan time]: December 6, 2019 (Friday) to February 7, 2020 (Friday)
Order deadline [Japan time]: 7 days before the desired delivery date
Scheduled delivery date [Japan time]: 7 days after the order deadline * Up to 14 days after
Final order deadline [Japan time]: Thursday, January 30, 2020
* If you choose to deliver at the airport, please order at least 7 days in advance.
[Introduction of Producer] Sakuranbo Factory Co., Ltd.
Yamagata Prefecture is endowed with a climate where delicious fruits grow.
The change of the seasons is intense, the strong summer sunshine brightens the fruits, and the severe cold in winter brings high sweetness. And most of all, the clear air and water make the fruits grow delicious.
Beginning with strawberries, in early summer, Yamagata's jewel-like cherries, watermelons and melons are followed by peaches. Grapes that can be enjoyed in many varieties, fragrant la France, and sweet persimmons such as tropical fruits were dried and used as preserved foods. Tasty winter apples are the best in Japan.

● Ingredients: Shine Muscat Grapes
● Nutritional information (per 100g)
 ・ Energy (kcal): 64
 ・ Protein (g): 0.6
 ・ Fat (g): 0.2
 ・ Carbohydrate (g): 16.9
 ・ Dietary fiber (g): 0.9
● 7 major allergens (wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk, peanut, shrimp, crab): None
● Contents: About 1.5kg (2 bunches)
● Country of origin: Yamagata, Japan
● Manufacturer:Sakuranbo Factory Co., Ltd.
● Consumption: Please rinse with water before eating.
● Please note:
・ Grapes are fresh, so keep them refrigerated after delivery and consume as soon as possible.
・ The delivery area will be limited to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan airport delivery. Please be careful.
・ Product delivery dates may vary depending on the quarantine in the destination country, authorities, and the weather.
・ Please note that we do not accept delivery date specifications.
・ Product weight is only a guide. Please note that the weight may be mixed.
・ Please note, delivery fees and import / export procedure costs vary depending on the country of delivery, so the selling price will vary.
・ Please note, the box and package design may be different.
● How to Save: Please store in the refrigerator.
● Best before date (from date of manufacture): Please consume as soon as possible after delivery.
Item No. JSA000620
No Refund or Exchange

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