[Airport Delivery Only] 1 Conger Eel Sushi

JP¥ 1,000 (US$ 9.10)

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Souvenir, the taste of a popular sushi restaurant!
Two softly boiled Conger Eels are used, the sushi is very satisfying. Ginger sweet and sour pickles and Hokkaido kelp are sandwiched between sushi rice, giving a refreshing accent.
Even when frozen, the umami and sweetness of the rice remains firmly, and it has been devised so that the taste of vinegar is mild.
[Japan airport delivery only]
Airport delivery period [Japan time]: All year
Order deadline [Japan time]: 7 days before the desired delivery date
Scheduled delivery date [Japan time]: 7 days after the order deadline * Up to 14 days after
* If you choose to deliver at the airport, please order at least 7 days in advance.
[Introduction of producers] Daiki Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Manufactured in a factory that has obtained the HACCP certification of the Japan Vegetable Association, we deliver safe and secure sushi. A lineup of products that make use of the know-how cultivated in gourmet sushi operated by the group company Daiki Suisan. You can easily enjoy professional taste anytime at home. Please appreciate it.

● Ingredients: Sushi
● Nutritional information (per 100g)
 ・ Energy (kcal): 164
 ・ Protein (g): 6.8
 ・ Fat (g): 3.6
 ・ Carbohydrate (g): 25.1
 ・ Sodium (mg): 12
● 7 major allergens (wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk, peanut, shrimp, crab): wheat
● Contents: 1
● Country of origin: Osaka, Japan
● Manufacturer: Daiki Sangyo Co., Ltd.
● Consumption: After thawing, warm it in a microwave oven for 30 seconds and leave it for 10 minutes at room temperature.
● Please note:
・ Consume as soon as possible after opening, regardless of the expiration date. Please note that it cannot be re-frozen.
・ Delivery area is limited to Japanese airport delivery only. Please be careful.
・ Product weight is only a guide. Please note that the weight may be mixed.
・ The box and package design may be different. Please note.
● Storage method: Store below -18 ℃
● Best before date (from date of manufacture): One year
* Consume as soon as possible after opening, regardless of the expiration date.
Item No. JSA000618
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