Tochiotome (Strawberry) Approx. 400g x 2 Packs

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Tochiotome, a typically Japanese strawberry cultivar, is number 1 in Japan when it comes to production amount. The balance of sourness and sweetness is wonderful!
Through a unique cultivation method where original music is played from the period of seedling raising, large, sweet, abundantly fragrant strawberries are produced. Harvested while ripe on the plant, and so they are packed with deliciousness.

Sales period: January to March only
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First order deadline [Japan time]: Thursday, January 9, 2020
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[Producer Introduction] Yamamoto Strawberry Farm
This company was launched immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake in June 2011 by 3 farms affected by the disaster. Through strawberry cultivation, the key industry of Yamamoto, reconstruction and employment after the disaster was generated and, with the aim of establishing a regional brand, all employees united and worked together on a daily basis. Also, they constructed a "Rokujika Center" (sixth sector industrialization center) and began producing their own processed foods such as strawberry jam and baumkuchen. They also have wine made at their own winery, a rarity for strawberry producers in Japan. Music is played to the strawberries when they are grown. As these strawberries are harvested when they become ripe, they are sweet and delicious.

● Ingredients: strawberry
● 7 Main Allergens (wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk, peanut, shrimp, crab): none
● Contents: approx. 400g x 2 packs
● Made in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
● Manufacturer: Yamamoto Strawberry Farm
● Serving Instructions: Wash with water and then consume as-is.
● Please note:
・Strawberries spoil very easily, so try to consume on the day they arrive.
・ Delivery is limited to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan airport delivery only. Please be careful.
・ Product delivery dates may vary due to quarantine in the destination country, authorities and various conditions such as weather.
・ Please note that we do not accept delivery date specifications.
・ Product weight is only a guide. Please note that the weight may be mixed.
・ Delivery fees and import / export procedure costs vary depending on the country of delivery, so the selling price will vary. Please note.
・ The box and package design may be different. Please note.
● Storage Instructions:
・Store in a cool place (approx. 8° C)
・When storing in your home refrigerator, do so in the vegetable compartment.
● Best before date (from date of manufacture):
・They are good to eat upon delivery, so try to consume on the day they arrive.
* Strawberries spoil very easily, so try to consume on the day they arrive. M6
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