Terms & Conditions

Article 1


The following Terms and Conditions shall apply to parties living in countries or regions outside Japan using or purchasing items from J's Agri (hereinafter "the Site"), a website administered by JTB,Corp (location: 2-3-11 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, hereinafter "the Company"). While using or purchasing items from the Site you are considered to be in agreement to the terms of this document, so you should understand and agree to the following terms & conditions before using the Site.

Article 2

Member Registration

When placing an order for the first time, it is necessary to agree to the contents of these Terms & Conditions and to correctly register your correct information in advance so that the Company may issue a member ID and password (member registration). Please refer to the "Areas We Ship To" page for more information regarding service in your area. Please take proper care to prevent the discovery and misuse of your member ID and password by a third party. The customer is considered to have agreed to bear responsibility for all actions taken using their ID and password.
The customers of the Site can only be those who are adults (20 years and older). Customers who are younger than 20 years old can only use the Site with the consent of a parent or guardian.

Article 3

Privacy Policy

The Company's Privacy Policy also applies to the customer information registered in accordance with these terms & conditions. Please be sure to read it carefully.

Article 4


The maximum purchase limit per order is 200,000 yen. This limit or 200,000 yen only includes the total item amount and does not include shipping & handling fees and special shipping fees. When ordering, even in the case that an item is shown to be in stock and it is possible to add it to your cart, it may become out of stock before your order is approved and you will not be able to check out.
The contract between the customer and the Company shall be established at the time that the Company ships the ordered item(s) to the customer. The sending of an Order Confirmation email by the Company is for the purpose of confirming the contents of your application to enter into a contract with the Company, and does not mean that the Company has approved your application to enter into said contract. Even after sending the Order Confirmation email, due to there being a difference between the stock status displayed on Company's site and the actual stock, there may be cases where there is a stock shortage of one or all items. Furthermore, the Company's stock status differs from the suppliers. Please kindly understand that there are also cases where the same item is in stock at a supplier and out of stock at the Company.
Should one or more items from the same order be out of stock, the amount of these out-of-stock items will be deducted from the settlement amount and the order will be shipped without prior notification. Additionally, even if the item comes into stock after the order has shipped, the Company will not be able to ship it out on its own at a later date. Please make a new order for the item.
Once an order is placed, the order contents (such as size, color, or quantity) and the shipping address information cannot be changed, and the order cannot be cancelled.

Article 5


Although the Company strives to ship your order within 14 days of the order placement date, depending on the contents of the order, the stock status and the volume of orders we are receiving, there may be instances where shipment of the order is delayed. Furthermore, due to weather irregularities before harvesting and natural disasters such as typhoons, it may take considerable time for items to be delivered.
We will ship items to a specified location. However, PO boxes inside a post office or a private facility cannot be specified as the delivery address. Regarding delivery to each country and region, the method of shipment cannot be requested by the customer.
If items cannot be delivered despite shipping them to the customer's registered shipping address, the Company bears no responsibility for the outcome. Furthermore, should redelivery to a correct address be requested, separately incurred fees such as shipping fees will be charged.

Article 6

Shipping Fees

The shipping fees for delivery to a shipping address (including item import/export procedure costs) are included in the item amount.
Should items be returned to the Company due to a refusal to accept their delivery or if the retention period at the post office has expired, the amount paid for the items will not be refunded.

Article 7


Payment is based on the terms of each credit card issuing company. Please contact your credit card issuing company directly for more details regarding usage amounts and payment conditions.
When checking out by credit card, please use a credit card that has the same name as that of the registered customer. If you use a credit card that is not in your name, the Company may refuse your order without prior notice.
The currency for credit card payments is Japanese Yen. The payment rates applied are those based on each credit card issuing company's terms.

Article 8

Item Descriptions

The Site strives to give as accurate information as possible regarding items. The images of the items may differ from the actual item itself in terms of color and shape due to the PC monitor being used, browser settings, lighting when the item photograph was taken, or due to the nature of the item being an agricultural product. There is no guarantee that the item descriptions and other content on the Site is accurate, complete, reliable, up to date or free from error.

Article 9

Item Exchanges/Refunds

For the agricultural products sold on the Site, an item exchange or refund for a defective item will only be accepted if there is a defect in the item's condition immediately after delivery.
In the case of requesting an item exchange or refund, be sure to contact the Company within 7 days of item arrival, providing the details of the item you wish to return and a photo which shows its condition. Only items that the Company has approved of after being contacted regarding will be exchanged or refunded. Should the Company be contacted after 7 days have passed since item arrival, or should there be no contact at all, the Company may not be able to exchange or refund the item.

*Condition of items that can be exchanged or refunded
(1) In the case of "the Company at fault" (1-3 below)
  • ① Should the delivered item be different from what was ordered (wrong shipment).
  • ② Should the delivered item be in an inedible state due to rotting etc.
  • ③ Should the delivered item be damaged.
(2) In the case of "at the convenience of the customer"

Item exchanges and refunds are not accepted. Please kindly understand that we will not accept an item exchange or refund due to an item being different in color, shape or appearance than the displayed item photograph.

(3) Refund Method

The refund will be made through the credit card company used for ordering. In the event of a refund through a credit card, rates for the item amount at the time of billing and at the time of refund may differ. Therefore, there may be a difference in the total amount refunded due to an exchange rate difference. Even if the customer should suffer a loss due to an exchange rate difference at the time of refund, the Company shall not recuperate this lost amount. Also, in the event of a credit card refund, depending on the different monthly deadlines of processing and pay dates, it may take as long as 2 months for the refund to process.

Article 10


The company takes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages incurred by the customer by using the site other than those regarding the contract of sales.
The Company may suspend the service provided by the Site without prior notice if an unavoidable situation arises. In this case, any contracts of sales that are already in effect will continue to apply under these terms & conditions.
The Company takes no responsibility whatsoever for damages caused to the customer should the Site's service be partially or completely suspended due to a force majeure such as a natural disaster, war, terrorism, riot, public office order, infectious disease, blackout, damage to communication lines & computers, system maintenance, unauthorized access of data or a transportation accident.
The Company does not guarantee that harmful items such as computer viruses are not contained within emails & contents sent from the Company's web pages, server, domain, etc.
The company takes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages caused by violation of these terms & conditions etc.
Regarding personal or physical loss or damage caused by items sold to the customer through the Site, the Company shall accept liability up to the limit of the amount of the item purchased by the customer only in cases where the Company has shown negligence.

Article 11


The registered customer should immediately log into the Site and amend their customer information if there have been any changes in the information registered with the Company, such as name and address details.

The Company has the right to cancel the customer's registered account at any time if the customer performs any of the following.
  1. (1) You do not observe these terms & conditions.
  2. (2) You have been a nuisance or caused interference or damage to other customers or the Company, or have committed fraudulent acts.
  3. (3) You have not used the Site for over one year.
  4. (4) Any other circumstances in which the Company determines that you should be disqualified.

The customer cannot assign or lend the rights & obligations involved with using the Site's services to a third party.
With respect to use of the Site, Japanese law is considered to apply in full, and any problems that may arise between you and the Company will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Osaka Regional Court in Japan under Japanese law.
The Company reserves the right to amend these terms & conditions as necessary. Even if a part of these terms & conditions is deemed to be improper or invalid, these terms & conditions are severable, and there will be no effect on the efficacy of other parts of the terms & conditions.

Article 12

Address, Contact Details

Please read the Specified Commercial Transaction Law Label regarding JTB,Corp and items mentioned in relation to the Site.

Date of Enactment: 5th September 2017
Date of Revision: 18th April 2018